Lips micropigmentation

Lip micropigmentation Can you imagine getting out of bed and having your lips outlined and with a beautiful color? With micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup it is possible. In addition, this technique, similar to a tattoo, allows you to correct asymmetries or hide scars.

Lip micropigmentation experienced its boom in the 80s and 90s, but after the success of eyebrow microblading, semi-permanent makeup has become a trend again. Organic pigments, new techniques and more natural results have promoted this treatment that, in addition to saving time in the day to day, by not having to use lipstick, serves to correct and hide small imperfections on the lips, define blurred contours , give volume and tone, and even reduce wrinkles.

Advantages of lip micropigmentation

On the lips, micropigmentation serves to “balance small asymmetries, redesign the contour that is lost over time and color the mucosa, helping to keep the lips juicy.

With lip micropigmentation, you will not have to use lipstick, since “by applying a gloss you will achieve a natural effect that will enhance your lips. It is a perfect solution to show off beautiful lips at any time and without having to resort to lipsticks.

Which color to choose?

As it happens, in general, with makeup, the trend towards the natural has also reached the micropigmentation of the lips.

“Although we found very varied pigments, we opted for natural tones, such as light and medium pink, transparent reddish, salmon and the gloss effect”

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