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Each person's face and facial structure is different; therefore everyone receives a personalized plan made for their face. During the consultation process, the desired appearance and structure of your face will be taken into account and with your cooperation and approval we will determine the desired appearance in terms of thickness, shape and color.


Working to the agreed specifications, your new brow design will be carefully drawn. Once the penciled design is approved, we can move on with the procedure. All procedures are completely painless.


After leaving the skin prepared with anesthetics, we start with the selected procedure in the consultation in order to leave your eyebrows beautiful, this entire procedure takes between 2 - 3 hours


Brow discomfort or swelling is rarely experienced. Although there is not much Post Care, a mandatory 6 week check-up is needed to check the condition of your brows and for any required touch-ups. Additional touch-ups may also be suggested and scheduled for you. The duration of the pigment in the skin is 12 to 18 months, this time varies depending on the type of skin of each person and the chosen technique.

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