We Are Jv

Micropigmetation And Beauty

Jenniffer Vinasco, born in Cali Colombia on September 12, 1983. I arrived in this beautiful country with two of my three daughters. Throughout my career I have encountered many ups and downs that have made me go back, but never stop, because I knew that my little ones depended only on me as a single mother.
I have been in the Micropigmentation career for 21 years and my current project is to train new micropigmentators, transmitting not only my knowledge, but also the strength that has kept me firm, so that today I can say with propriety that IF YOU CAN achieve what you we propose with: work, faith in you and above all perseverance.
I invite you to be part of this new project, where together we will cultivate and harvest a better path for us and our children.

Why us?

You are unique

In our study we know that perfection differs from person to person. For that reason, we take the time to study each case and each need, giving you the best of ourselves in personalized and exclusive way.

You have acces to the best

We know that when it comes to your appearance there is a lot at stake, for that reason and because we are clear about the impact we have on your life, we do our work with the ultmost care an professionalism with certified and experienced professionals

You are the star

We are specifically dedicated to providing you with a friendly environment and unparalleled service. With JV micropigmentation & beauty you are in the best place and in excellent hands.

We are certified company